KLB Exclusive| Varun Mitra Speaks About Co-star And Mahesh Bhatt

KLB Exclusive| Varun Mitra Speaks About Co-star And Mahesh Bhatt


Varun Mitra is making his Bollywood debut in Mahesh Bhatt’s Jalebi opposite Rhea Chakraborty.

Kinky Little Boots got a chance to interview Varun Mitra, who spoke about how he was bullied by Rhea and why did he get into the industry so late.

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1. How was it working with Rhea Chakraborty?

(Laughs) I am so glad that she is not here to listen because then I would have to lie. (Laughs). We didn’t start by liking each other. We had our guards up when we met each other. I think we all do when we first time meet anyone. But during the process of the film, we had to spend a lot of time together. We had to trust each other for many scenes. So we started talking well, shared a bit of each other’s life. Then she started bullying me (Laughs). She was very sweet and caring to me. She helped me also a lot. It has been fun. We had a love-hate relationship, we still have it.

2. Mahesh Bhatt said: Varun Mitra is a long distance runner. What is your say on this?

I say that I love him, man. (Laughs) Hearing those words from Bhatt Sahab is amazing. For an actor to hear such words from such a good director is superb. He is like a magician. I could not ask for a better launch and I could not have asked for better words that he has given me.

3. How much does Varun Mitra relate to the character Dev?

Dev is a different person. He is a very simple guy. I don’t think I am simple, I am very complicated like the movie Jalebi. Small things make Dev happy. More than being like him I would like to be him. Even Rhea said that he is much nicer than I am. What I found similar was that what Dev goes through in terms of his relationship, his work, his family. I have been through those conflicts in my relationship. I think we all have. For me and Rhea, the film has certainly changed how we perceive love.

4. One good and one bad quality about Rhea.

I have a list of bad quality (Laughs). Good quality is that she is really caring. Even when we used to fight, she still maintains the caring part. Bad quality is that she has too many guards. It can take someone years to break those guards. You will need a big hammer to break that. If the movie was not happening then I don’t know how much it would take me to talk to her.

5. You have done advertisements before, so what took you so long to get into Bollywood?

I am lucky enough that I have been getting offers since very long. So it’s been 6 years now. I became damn choosy. When I came to Mumbai, I decided that I won’t take decisions for money. Not because I am rich. But I will do what my heart permits to. I was waiting for the right platform. I had to work on myself, do workshops. I think I became ready now. So if the movie was offered to me before, I would have definitely screwed up.

6. Your Instagram profile looks very interesting. So do you love travelling?

Travelling is my passion. Before I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to be a travel host. So I got the opportunity to do that. I have hosted many travelling shows. Travel was my first love.

7. What’s next?

I don’t know. Once Jalebi comes out, it will decide my fate in the movie business. I have been reading scripts but then let’s see.

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