Eeks! Aamir Said Salman Looks Better Without Clothes

Eeks! Aamir Said Salman Looks Better Without Clothes

We all know that Aamir Khan and Salman Khan share a good rapport with each other. They might be competitors when it comes to their professional life but these two khans share a great personal bond. Recently, Mr Perfectionist appeared to be super impressed about Sultan’s body. It is evident that whole nation is loving Salman’s langot look. This is what Aamir had to say about it, “Kapdon mein toh vo achcha lagta hi hai, aur kapdon ke bina toh aur bhi. Langot mein toh sabse achcha lagta hai.”


For a second we wonder if that was a compliment or mockery as earlier Salman had said he was very shy wearing a langot. “Now I know how the heroines feel when they wear swimsuit or bikini for scenes,” the superstar had said.


We don’t remember when last Aamir openly praised Salman’s looks like this.


Salman Bhai your langot look certainly earned you a big Fan!

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