Sayani Gives Up Theater Opportunities For Inside Edge

Sayani Gives Up Theater Opportunities For Inside Edge


Sayani Gupta started off as a popular face in theater a year ago. Soon after she had a breakthrough when Shonali Bose casted her alongside Kalki Kochelin in Margarita With A Straw, that Sayani’s career took a turn for the better. Filmmakers are now acknowledging her theater experience in a bigger way and Sayani has her bag full of not just Bollywood offers but also exploring international films. She is currently awaiting the release of her upcoming Inside Edge which is set for a release later next month.

Sayani is one of the member of the primary cast of this series, she plays the role of a team analyst and had to shoot for the entire series over three month for this 10 episodes series. Since the schedule of the show was long and needed as much as 3 months of time from her, she had to give up theater opportunities which came her way. Because of the extensive schedule demanded in the production of the series, she had to give up on those opportunities and turned down a few plays. This series is one of the most expensive one till date in the digital world and is produced by Farah Akhtar’s Excel Entertainment.

Theater actors are known for their dedication and commitment to their role and similarly, Sayani too wanted to focus on the project and give her fullest to the character and hence decided to give up the theater opportunities coming her way.

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