The Quirky First Episode Of Y Films’ Man’s World Impresses Us

The Quirky First Episode Of Y Films’ Man’s World Impresses Us

What would it be like if women treated men the way as men treat women? It is one thing to sit on the fence and comment on the topic, and another to be in the other person’s shoes and understand the gravity of the situation. Y Films takes up the initiative to highlight the United Nation’s goal number 5 from the Global Goals For Sustainable Development – Gender Equality.

The first episode of Man’s World projects the thoughts of Kiran (Gaurav Pandey), who is a man who feels the world is unfair to men. So, one night, he gets upset and drunk, and impulsively asks the universe to flip the situation, a role reversal; and guess what?  His wish is granted!

Writer-director Vikram Gupta has rightly voiced the issue through this subtle yet intriguing first episode. The approach is quirky and gutsy at the same time. He has brilliantly explored the subject and cleverly presented it in a nutshell.

The appearances by talented actors like Shruti Seth, Cyrus Sahukar, Bhumi Pednekar, Pritish Nandy and Naveen Kasturia are brief but leave an impact. There are many more fabulous actors who will feature in the upcoming episodes.

The episode is crisp and has generated curiosity in everyone about what’s going to happen next. There are subtle comic punches throughout that are sure to tickle you pink. The viewers just can’t get enough of the sneak peek to the next episode. It is a fun way to say something serious!

So watch the episode and share it with EVERYONE to spread awareness and to stop gender prejudice against all women.


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