Sonam Kapoor Compares The Meat Ban To Misogyny

Sonam Kapoor Compares The Meat Ban To Misogyny

With Paryushan just around the corner, a lot has been spoken of the BMC’s controversy of imposing meat ban in Mumbai. Most have opined their thoughts on this, including Sonam Kapoor, who also took to Twitter to express her feelings on the same. She tweeted “Our country is going to remain a 3rd world nation because of the intolerant misogynistic close minded few”. For the uninformed, misogynist is a person who hates or doesn’t trust women. And as expected, in no time the long-legged beauty was trolled for making the meat ban a misogyny controversy, some comparing her to Alia Bhatt!


On realizing her error, she tried justifying herself by tweeting “the general mentality and not only about the meat ban” was what she referred to, to that she received nothing but added criticisms. On losing her cool she tweeted again stating, “Before being judgmental assholes. What I said was a critique of the general mentality. Which is not exclusive to the banning of meat. And the saddest thing about this whole thing is. That it’s mostly women who are calling me out on being bimbo. Guess it’s not only the men!”


But her friends from the industry came to her rescue, with Indian Author Chetan Bhagat backing her by tweeting “Even she is getting slammed for having non-partisan, non-religious view about freedom. Glad she holds her ground.” Stand-up comedian Karan Talwar tweeted, “Says something on her mind: Bimbo. Talks about fashion: Bimbo. Sorry @sonamakapoor. You just can’t win.” RJ Jose “let people say what they want to say..they’ll do it anyway.. You should too..don’t let em shout you down.”


With such friends standing for Sonam in her support, she had to calm down, and so her last tweet to end the conversation said, “Well I guess it’s back to talking about fashion and brands.. Lol”.

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