Sonakshi Sinha Angry With #Meatban In Mumbai

Sonakshi Sinha Angry With #Meatban In Mumbai

Sonakshi Sinha is one of those celebs who belong to the young brigade of Bollywood. She doesn’t hold back while expressing her opinion on a variety of subjects. While her Dabangg nature has won plenty of hearts, she has also received fair bit of criticism for her outspoken nature.

She took to Twitter protesting the meat ban being imposed in Mumbai for four days keeping the Jain festival of Paryushan in mind. There had been similar outrage on social media about the ban on beef and porn. And now that meat has been banned albeit for 4 days, Sonakshi Sinha couldn’t digest the fact.

She was in Budapest, when the news reached her and she reacted by tweeting “This is a free country! Welcome to BAN-istan… I meant india.. Stupid autocorrect.” She further tweeted, “Why no ban on ignorance/negligence? What about the flood affected people of assam? Priorities people. Priorities.”

While there were some who came out in her support, others were too happy to bring to light her hypocrisy by highlighting one of her older tweets in which she was supporting animal protection:  “Please protect animals @drharshvardhan. Ban import & sale of animal-tested cosmetics. Guys, please help, RT this”


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