Monalisa To Get Married In Today’s Episode?

Monalisa To Get Married In Today’s Episode?

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Bigg Boss 10 always has more twists and turns in every episode. With new episodes, comes in new antics. However, this time Bigg Boss has got the emotional quotient on point. In tonight’s episode, Monalisa’s long term boyfriend, Vikrant Singh Rajpoot, will enter the house and… wait for it… propose to her!

Earlier during a family task, Vikrant came into the house and lashed out on Manu Panjabi asking him to stop bad-mouthing and tarnishing Vikrant’s image. He also asked his ladylove to maintain some distance from him on the show as the audience is making a completely different story about their friendship.

The couple might just get married in the episode tonight if Monalisa accepts the proposal. To find out, watch Bigg Boss 10 on Colors tonight, at 10:30 PM

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