It’s Halloween Day: 5 Horror Movies You Should Watch Today

It’s Halloween Day: 5 Horror Movies You Should Watch Today

Today the whole world is celebrating Halloween Day. So, we at Kinky Little Boots thought of offering something scary to our readers. Well, no we are not going to show you any horror movies, but here’s a list of five Bollywood horror movies which you can watch today.

1) Mahal:
This Ashok Kumar starrer is said to be the first horror film made in Bollywood. The movie was based on the concept of reincarnation and successfully scared the audiences in 1949. The track Aayega Aane Waala from this movie is one of the spookiest songs till date.

2) Raat:
Well, if you love cats, then this film will surely change your perspective towards the purring pet. Ram Gopal Varma’s direction and Revathi’s amazing performance will make you think twice before sleeping alone at night.

3) 1920:
How would you feel if a stalker from your past life comes to haunt you in this life, and does unimaginable things to kill you so that your soul can go with him? Well, just reading this line made you freak out, right? Just imagine what will happen when you see it in a film like 1920.

4) Bhoot:
Once again we have an RGV film in the list. Urmila Matondkar’s exceptional acting and a unique concept will make scare the living daylights out of you.

5) Ragini MMS:
Ragini mms
Planning a weekend with your boyfriend? Just hope and pray he takes you to a safe place and not a haunted villa. And yes, before going for a holiday with him watch Ragini MMS. We are sure you will first ask him all the details about the place.

We hope you have sweet dreams after watching these movies! Watch out, there might be someone under your bed or maybe someone will pull your blanket at night while you’re asleep.


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