2nd Episode Of Y Films’ Man’s World Is Hilarious Yet Sensible

2nd Episode Of Y Films’ Man’s World Is Hilarious Yet Sensible

The first episode of Y Films’ Man’s World was hilarious and brought a sensitive subject to our notice – gender equality. Kiran’s (Gaurav Pandey) world is flipped and now he experiences everything that a woman usually goes through. The end of the first episode left everyone wanting more.

The second episode opens with a more specific and serious issue of sexual harassment at workplaces. Director Vikram Gupta has sensibly laid out the particulars of the matter. It is a complete switch of roles between the sexes.

The message is loud and clear that we need to stop gender discrimination and harassment of any kind towards women. Both sexes deserve equality in every form. From the blatant problems to the nuances, everything is smartly depicted in this 15-minute episode.

In this episode we see veteran actress Soni Razdan and talented actors like Kalki Koechlin and Meiyang Chang playing crisp yet powerful parts.

Wrapped in a thin layer of humor, it is a smart approach to present a sensitive issue. The next episode is surely something we are looking forward to.

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