Why Was Rimi Sen Missing From The Bigg Boss Finale?

Why Was Rimi Sen Missing From The Bigg Boss Finale?

The Bigg Boss finale came to an end with Prince Narula being declared as the winner of this season. Prince claimed the trophy only to hand it to Kishwer Merchant, who he considers as his sister and the reason for his victory. Rishabh Sinha was the 1st runner-up and Mandana Karimi the 2nd runner-up. Amidst all the anticipation, jokes, and nostalgic moments we could not see ex-contestant Rimi Sen.

Rimi, who was popular for her laid-back attitude and for repetitively saying “Mujhe ghar jana hai”, was missing from the event, which was graced by almost all the other ex-contestants except Kanwaljeet Singh. Was her negative attitude towards the show the reason why she was not invited to the finale, or did she refuse to turn up?

All we know is Salman Khan mentioned in the beginning of the finale episode that some people did not turn up and some were not invited by the production house. Well, we do not know for sure, what could be the reason for Rimi’s absence. Did you miss Rimi in the finale episode? Why do you think she was missing? Leave a comment below.

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