Why Deepika Singh Doesn’t Like To Attend Weddings

Why Deepika Singh Doesn’t Like To Attend Weddings

Diya Aur Baati girl Deepika Singh is a popular name in the households of India. However, stardom always comes with a price. Deepika has been married to director Rohit Raj Goyal for a while now. In an interview Deepika, popularly known as Sandhya, mentioned why she doesn’t like to attend weddings.

The doe-eyed actress said, “Well my sister-in-law, Ritika’s marriage took place in an open ground in Delhi. Rohit and I were quite excited about the marriage, as it was a very close function in our family. But I didn’t realise that it will turn out to be chaotic affair.

As soon as I reached the venue, the crowd gathered around me, and instead of greeting my sister-in-law everyone started calling me and requested to click pictures. Rohit had arranged many bodyguards for me, but even then the crowd was out of control. I got a little upset, as it was a special day for Ritika and she should have been the star of the day and got all the attention and love. Thus, I have now decided that I won’t attend any weddings unless it’s very important.”

Poor Deepika, she totally deserves all the attention, but sometimes it can go overboard.

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