Who Will Leave The BB House In The Double-Eviction Week?

Who Will Leave The BB House In The Double-Eviction Week?

After last night’s Bigg Boss 9 episode, Rochelle Rao, Suyyash Rai, Mandana Karimi, Giselle Thakral, Priya Malik, and Rishabh Sinha were nominated for this week’s eviction. Keith being the captain got the right to nominate two people, and he nominated Mandana and Giselle. Suyyash, Rochelle, Priya and Rishabh were nominated unanimously.

We also saw how Priya got the title of the ‘Most Insecure Person’ in the house. She also got an opportunity to watch the footage of what the housemates talked about her, behind her back. The housemates in return got to see what Priya has talked about them behind their backs.

All hell broke loose after this. The house finally accepted that there is a ‘cool group’ that comprises Kishwer, Suyyash, Rochelle, Keith, Prince and Nora. Priya and Rishabh felt targeted and promised each other to emerge out strong. Giselle and Mandana came across as individual players who are sitting on the fence for now and deciding which side to pick.

Watch tonight’s episode for an exciting new luxury budget task. The house will transform into a crime scene and Priya and Rishabh will play investigating officers.

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