TV Stars Share Their New Year Resolutions For 2017!

TV Stars Share Their New Year Resolutions For 2017!


It’s easier to break New Year resolutions than it is to make ‘em. Some our favorite TV stars are here to tell us what their New Year resolutions for 2017 are going to be.

Mohammad Nazim



My New Year resolution is to be more organized in terms of time management. This way, I will get time for personal and professional life. I would be celebrating my New Year mostly in Ladakh or in Mauritius.

Ssharad Malhotraa



My New Year resolution would definitely be about trying to live a more healthy lifestyle, improving my eating habits, eating regular meals, drinking lots of water and most importantly getting sufficient sleep because of my new mantra in life is health is wealth! I will be traveling to North India to this beautiful place called Kasauli and will bring in the New Year with my bunch of friends.




I never keep any resolutions. However, I always think I need to be more disciplined, learn new things and be more social. So yes, all these things I want in 2017 too. I want to love myself more and show that by eating healthy, thinking positive and use my abilities to fullest. About traveling, I want to be with my loved ones and family. The place is not decided yet and doesn’t matter — It’s your state of mind and company that matters most.

Nikitin Dheer



In a world that is ever changing, my New Year resolution is the same as last year since I feel it would be nice if many things don’t change. I want to celebrate my New Year with my wife and close friends in Singapore.

Vivian Dsena



I believe that one should never need a New Year resolution. It should start at any time of the year. Nothing is concrete as far as my New Year travel and party plans are concerned.

Rashami Desai



My New Year resolution is that I won’t get affected by anything which will stop me from working and living a fulfilling life. About New Year’s travel-party plans, I’ll be celebrating my New Year on a planet called Earth!

Ssudeep Sahir



My New Year resolution is to work more and travel more. I will be in Dubai with my wife and my son. Our closest friends live there and we will be spending time with them and bringing in the New Year together.

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