Tere Sheher Mein Derails From Its Track

Tere Sheher Mein Derails From Its Track

After a long time Star Plus came up with a serial that seemed like a breath of fresh air. Tere Sheher Mein was about the strong, independent and dilwali Amaya Mathur (Hiba Nawab) who, along with her family, settles down in Banaras after her father’s demise.

The show was all about woman empowerment and a never-say-die attitude of the protagonist, Amaya. However, recently, after going through numerous twists and turns, the show has completely derailed from its original track. Amaya’s elder sister Rachita (Anjum Fakih) was getting married to Rama (Rafi Malik), who is madly in love with her. But Rama’s mother threatens Amaya’s grandfather to publicly insult them over the fact that Rachita is illegitimate. However, she was fine with Rama getting married to one of the legitimate kids of the Mathur family. Amaya overhears this conversation and gets married to Rama to save the family from being insulted publicly. What was the guarantee that Rama’s sinister mom will shut her mouth post the wedding? Plus, didn’t this marriage also bring disrepute to the family, in addition to breaking innumerous characters’ hearts and trust? And how come Rama’s mom, who loves him a lot, pushes him into a loveless marriage only for her own villainous plans? Now Amaya is stuck in a household where there is dirty kitchen politics, her mother-in-law tortures her 24×7 (oh, how we hate that part), and nobody is happy.

Besides all this, what about Mantu (Dhruv Bhandari)? What about all the love and sparks between Amaya and Mantu? This couple was loved so much by the fans that they had named them – ‘ManYa’ (Mantu + Amaya). And now, the makers have forgotten ManYa, and are instead dishing out RamYa! Seriously, whyyy?

The character Uma has totally vanished. Not that we are missing her, but we are curious to know, what was her reaction on learning that Amaya is now married? She had challenged Amaya that she will get married to Mantu in the next one month. What about it?

What happened to the message of women empowerment and being independent, which was the core of the show? The present Amaya is totally unlike the Amaya we have been watching and loving all this time.
This sudden switch from a unique and powerful story to a clichéd saas-bahu drama is sure to affect the show’s TRP. Fans of this show are already expressing their disappointment and dislike for the current track. We request the makers of the show to introduce a plot change if they want to maintain the show’s popularity. A helpless Amaya is certainly not what anybody wants. And of course, ManYa and RaRa is what we love…!

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