Television Review: Piya Rangrezz – Confusing And Forced

piya rangrezz-01It’s confusing, it’s forced and it has characters that actually don’t exist; well, we are talking about Piya Rangrezz on Life OK, that to me looks like a show that just all over the place.

Piya Rangrezz, which follows the life of a rich and powerful love crazy man Sher Singh (Gaurav S. Bajaj) and the lady, Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry), who is madly falls in love with.

The show had opened with Shraddha’s parents early waiting for the arrival Shraddha’s prospective groom. Usually this may be a joyous occasion for a traditional Indian family, but neither Shraddha nor her family seem happy about the prospect.

The story moves forward to Shraddha being chased by two men Bikas (Rujut Duhiya) and Sumer (Rehan Sayed) who address her as bhabhi.

As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Sher is smitten by Shraddha but she does not reciprocate his feelings for her. As a give in, Shraddha is married to Sher and thus starts the usual saga.

What was amusing was the fact that Sher’s mother, Bhanvaridevi rip opens her newly wedded daughter-in-law’s sari and forces her into her son’s room so that they can get intimate. Wow!! Now that’s so juvenile and insipid.

If the makers had to get into all this, then they should have gone a step further, drugged the girl and then should have forced their the guy to have sex with his wife. Disgusting!!

What’s even more confusing is Shraddha’s take towards her husband Sher Singh because despite being born and brought up in a hardcore criminal atmosphere, he is trying hard not to harm his wife.

Neither does he force himself on to her, nor is is rude towards her. So what’s the issue. Anyways, lets not even get there as it’s as bizarre and illogical as it can get.

If all this was not enough, we have Inspector Virat (Sahil Phull), who happens to be Sher’s elder brother and knows Shraddha. What’s highly illogical is the fact that he is completely in oblivion with all that goes on in the Singh household, but then he happens to a police inspector. Oh My God!! This is too confusing and once again so very juvenile.

Piya Rangrezz stars Gaurav S. Bajaj as Sher Singh, Kritida Mistry as Shraddha, Sahil Phull as Inspector Virat, Narayani Shastri as Bhanvaridevi Singh, Afzaal Khan as Munna Mama and Vibha Chibber as Amma Ji.

Most of the characters are badly etched out. Both Sher and Shraddha look as confused as everyone as they themselves do not know if they need to fall in love with each other or hate each other.

Anyways, moving on, the only saving grace of the show is, Narayani Shastri, who essays the role of Bhanvaridevi Singh, UP’s most powerful liquor queen.

She is trying to do full justice to her character and shows a lot of commitment and sincerity. How I wish her character had some meat as she too is saddled with a weak script.

All said and done, Piya Rangrezz is all about love becoming an obsession and then becoming deadly. Well, I am sorry if that’s the case, then lets not fall in love at all.


Summary: Piya Rangrezz is all about love becoming an obsession and then becoming deadly. Well, I am sorry if that's the case, then lets not fall in love at all.
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