Television Review: Manmarziyan – Great Concept, Crass Writing

star plus-15Manmarziyan the new Star Plus is all about today’s youth, who is talented, fearless and wants to make it on his or her own.

Manmarziyan is all about Radhika Mishra (Monica Sehgal), who is confused and is still trying to find her standing. She is talented but then needs the right platform to showcase the same.

What’s beautiful about Radhika is the fact that she wants to have an identity of her own. She aspires to be more than just someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother.

In walks Samaira Khanna (Kashmira Irani), a city girl, with family issues, a past and an ambition to become something.

We also get to see MTV Splitsvilla Shravan Reddy as their fun loving friend Neil, Mohan Kapoor as Samaira’s father cum confidant and last but not the least Karan Khanna as Radhika’s love interest.

However, as the show will progresses, Radhika will discover that becoming a writer is what she always wanted to be. It’s her journey to fulfil her dream and the things she does to become a writer.

Manmarziyan has an interesting concept and has the potential to become popular, but unlike most shows, this one entirely depends on the content and not the actors.

What’s refreshing is the fact that marriage is not on the agenda of this one, something that’s such a refreshing change, but then the positives of the show just ends here.

If you have such a winning concept, then one needs to take care of the writing, but sadly Manmarziyan falls flat in this department as the writing is very juvenile and insipid.

Off the star cast, Monica Sehgal falls flat as the girl has only two and half expressions. Her love interest, Karan Khanna, who is essaying the role of Saral looks wannabe and both have no chemistry whatsoever. Their scenes are a torture to watch.

On the other hand, Kashmira Irani lights up the screen every time you see her. Her screen presence and talent is a cut above the rest.

All in all, it’s a great concept, but has all the chances of getting lost, thanks to the writing, which is just not up to mark.


Summary: Manmarziyan has an interesting concept and has the potential to become popular, but the way this one has been written we have little hope.
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