Television Review: Desi Beat – A Show With A Heart

desi beat-01It’s all about food and lifestyle, it’s all about being desi and it’s a show that’s being hosted by Raj Ghai; well, we are talking about Desi Beat, the show that premiered on Colors in London on March 22, 2015.

Desi Beat is a show that showcases the most exotic and preferred trends in food and lifestyle in London.

Each episode is a beautiful journey that takes it’s viewers to the finest destinations known for their cuisine, apparel and accessories across the United Kingdom.

What’s unique about Desi Beat is the fact that it’s well researched, it has been packed in with loads of information and is very entertaining.

As for Raj Ghai, well he has an unmatched quality as a host and that’s what makes this show endearing and a fun watch.

Also the way Raj unravels a new destination along with it’s wide array of local and international desi trends makes it very engrossing.

He is not the normal host who is just rattling off his lines, but one can see that he can genuinely feel what he is saying. Kudos to you Raj for this one!!

One also gets to see the most authentic Indian wear to the spiciest Indian Curry, all packed into one episode. It also features restaurant owners and their journey so far.

Desi Beat has been conceptualised and developed to suit the preferences of Desi television audiences in the UK.

One must applaud the team who have conceived a show that has a mass appeal and I am sure that it will attract not only Indians living in the UK but also the locals.

Desi Beat is produced by Archana Kanade under Cutting Chai Productions and it’s her median venture.

In Raj’s own words, “If it’s made it to my list, it’s a must visit!”; we would like to add; “If you are a Desi at heart, Desi Beat is a must watch.”

Here’s wishing team Desi Beat all the best!!


Summary: Colors has lounged a new and unique Desi Beat, that showcased Indian in London. The show is being hosted by Raj Ghai.
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