Tanaaz Irani Gives Paritosh Painter’s Selfie A New Direction!

Tanaaz Irani Gives Paritosh Painter’s Selfie A New Direction!

Paritosh Painter, who has carved his path in the entertainment industry by giving some of the most unforgettable performances in the recent times with his prowess as an actor, director, and producer, is back with a whole new approach for his last production and directorial Selfie: The Play. The multi-talented actor will be playing the role of the producer in this fresh presentation of the play with the popular television face Tanaaz Irani taking charge as a director.

Selfie: The Play, an all women play, was premiered on 1st of April, 2016 and got some of the finest talents together on stage including Rupali Ganguly, Deepshikha Nagpal, Urvashi Sharma Joshi, Lucky Morani and Madhurima Nigam. The crew traveled across India and received a great response, the concept of the play and the performances were highly appreciated. This time around, the director and the cast has changed, giving the same concept a whole new approach. The new cast includes Tanaaz Irani, Kishwer Merchant, Dimple Shah, Priya Malik and Shweta Gulati.

Talking about taking the backseat and let the women take in charge, Paritosh Painter says, “It just so happened that one thing lead to another and we came to realize that Tanaaz was indeed more than apt to give Selfie: The Play, a whole new and fresh direction. She, being a woman, definitely makes it easier for her to understand the nuances of various characters. I think Tanaaz is doing a fabulous job and I am looking forward to the audience’s reaction with this new ensemble cast.”

The cast is going through rigorous rehearsals for the premiere, which is on the 12th of August, Kishwer Merchant, a popular television face, plays one of the protagonists and will be making her stage debut with this play. Excited to act in a play for the very first time, Kishwer said, “I have always wanted to extend my horizons as an actor by acting in a play. I am super-excited to share the stage with such talented actors and I thoroughly enjoying this experience and waiting to get the audience’s reaction.”

The cast and crew are all set to give the audience some awesome wit, nail-biting satire, a huge dose of gut-wrenching drama and bolts of laughter. The play will be premiered on the 12th of August at Bhaidas Hall, Vile Parle. So get ready as these ladies lead you on an unforgettable journey in this all exciting play – Selfie!

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