Suyyash Rai Feels That Bigg Boss Is Rigged

Suyyash Rai Feels That Bigg Boss Is Rigged

Bigg Boss contestant Suyyash Rai was recently evicted from the house along with Nora Fatehi. After coming out of the house, Suyyash have been involved in media interviews. He recently expressed how he felt cheated about the way the show is working.

In an interview he said, “As a human, I do feel cheated but its fine. They are selling a product and have full right to do what is better for the show. I totally understand that even the makers need to run their show. They have to choose a person who fights and gives content to them. I got to know from my sister that I received the second highest votes after Mandana, but still I was eliminated. I don’t blame anyone for my elimination. There are people who create a fuss after being eliminated. I could have also done that. Even though I was the captain of the house, I was not immune. However, I feel all this is very small for me. I had a beautiful time on the show. I survived nine eliminations out of 12. May be the makers must have felt, I have nothing more to offer to the show. Hence, I was evicted.”

Well we hope Suyyash does not get into trouble with this kind of an attitude towards the show.

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