Saathiya Wants Lovey Sasan Back On The Show

Saathiya Wants Lovey Sasan Back On The Show

The makers of popular Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya are trying hard to get Paridhi (Lovey Sasan) back on the show. The audiences too are missing Paridhi, who has all of a sudden disappeared.

Why Lovey left the show is still a mystery; however, the makers are hoping to bring her back. Recently, a source revealed, “We’d like to give it one more shot with Lovey if she is willing to reconcile her decision as we feel she played her part pretty well and over time her character of Paridhi has established a strong connect with the viewers.”

It looks like Lovey is in no mood to come back to the show. She confirmed this by posting a message on her Instagram account saying:

“Hello guys Thank you for such an overwhelming support. But there comes a time when you need to stand your own decision. Just wanted to inform you all again that there’s no possibility of me coming back to Saathiya. Have been Receiving hundreds of fan messages daily once again thank you for the love and support but I hope you guys understand… Let’s move on and Accept the new Girl Who ever it may be. Hope you guys understand and RESPECT my decision & Hope you all will see me onscreen very soon 🙂 lots of love :* LoveyLovesYou. (sic)”

Would you like to see Lovey on the show again?

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