Rashami Desai Said That Nandish Threw Her Out Of The House

Rashami Desai Said That Nandish Threw Her Out Of The House

Rashami Desai finally decided to speak up about her divorce with Nandish Sandhu. Recently, Nandish gave a statement saying that he gave his 100% to save their marriage and that Rashami was the one who wanted to walk out of the relationship. The Uttaran actress is deeply hurt after hearing these reports. So she decided to tell her part of the story.

In a recent interview, she said, “There are all sorts of rumours that pin point me and claim that Nandish is completely innocent. In a marriage, I know it’s two people’s responsibility – but my relationship was always abusive.”

“We’ve had problems for three years now. Why did I leave the house? I’ve never spoken about this – but mujhe humesha ghar se nikala jaataa! If he gave his 100% yeh cheezein hoti hi nahi na,” Rashami added.

There were rumours about Nandish cheating on Rashami with supermodel Ankita Shorey. But, Rashami did not seem to fuel the fire, she said, “I’ve never had a problem with any of his female friends. I’ve never doubted him regarding even one of them. And if I have, I’ve asked him directly. I’ve never spoken about this to people. And somehow suddenly all the problems are in me.”

The actress also said, “I’m sorry, my relationship was always abusive! I’ve not been staying with him for more than 3 years now, and there are so many things I could’ve revealed about him if I wanted to. Thought with Nach Baliye, maybe God has given us one more chance. But right after the show, again another incident happened, that’s when I decided for sure that I want to come out of the relationship. I wasn’t happy, he wasn’t happy.  I will be talking about these incidents if I’m bullied more. I will talk about it on a larger scale.”

Well, we hope you get through this tough phase, Rashami. More power to you!

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