Prince Wins Captaincy Against Rishabh In Bigg Boss

Prince Wins Captaincy Against Rishabh In Bigg Boss

After yesterday’s fun luxury budget task, serial killer Prince murdered four members of the house, and detective Rishabh was successful in identifying the killer. As a result, Prince and Rishabh were chosen by Bigg Boss to compete for captaincy.

Tonight, Rishabh and Prince will battle against each other to become the captain of the house. The housemates will support the candidates they want to see as the next captain by holding a balloon in their hand for the longest time. This time, you will see Priya Malik supporting Prince and going against Rishabh. She also said, “I want Prince to win the task, so that I can take revenge for what he did to me when I was captain.”

This will irritate Rishabh, as he will find Priya’s reason very immature. There is already a crack between Priya and Rishabh’s relationship after this task.

Prince will finally win this task as sanchalak Keith will notice Rishabh’s supporter Giselle leaving the balloon from her hand. However, Giselle will cry foul and say that Keith is being unfair. Ultimately, Prince will be declared as the new captain of the house.

Watch tonight’s episode for lots of drama!

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