Prince Narula To Claim The Captain’s Title Once Again

Prince Narula To Claim The Captain’s Title Once Again

Tonight’s Bigg Boss episode is going to be super fun. There will be three jodis that will be up for the next captaincy. Bigg Boss will ask the three pairs to choose one member from each pair, who will fight for captaincy.

This will stir a lot of chaos and confusion in the house. Suyyash Rai-Priya Malik and Mandana karimi- Kishwer Merchant will come to a decision quickly, whereas both Rochelle Rao and Rishabh Sinha will want to become the next captain. They will not be able to come to a decision. Eventually, both Rochelle and Rishabh will get into a terrible verbal spat.

A source said, “Rochelle will continue to say that she is the most selfless individual, to which Rishabh will mock her. Deeply hurt with Rishabh’s words, they lady will break down into tears and will confide to Keith.”

However, in the end Prince Narula will snatch the captaincy from all the other contenders. Watch today’s episode to find out how!

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