Prince Narula Kisses To Kill Giselle In Bigg Boss

Prince Narula Kisses To Kill Giselle In Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is coming up with really interesting tasks by the end of this season. Had they thought of these tasks well ahead of time, the show might have had more TRP for sure! This week’s luxury budget task involves a serial killer, who is on a killing spree. Rishabh and Priya have to play detectives, who will interrogate the case and will have to find out who among the contestants is the killer.

As we all know, Prince is the killer and he has to kill the housemates one by one. His first victim was Giselle who was murdered after Prince kissed her on the cheek and she kissed him back. The action to reaction made the murder happen.

The tasks gets more interesting tonight as Prince attempts the second murder. Detective Rishabh already suspects Prince to be the murderer, whereas, detective Priya believes that Rishabh is the serial killer.

Watch tonight’s episode for more excitement and a dramatic court room session.

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