Nivedita Basu Files A Petition Against The Decision Of &TV To Pull Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi Off-Air

Nivedita Basu Files A Petition Against The Decision Of &TV To Pull Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi Off-Air


Nivedita Basu filed a petition for her show Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi on &TV. The cast and crew were shocked to learn about the sudden news of the show going off air because the show was picking up and the ratings were getting better every week. The fans too are shocked and too upset regarding this decision of &TV and thus, commenced with a petition to stop the show from going off the air.

Nivedita Basu, producer exclaims:

“I don’t know think it helps in terms of the channel retaining a show but you do it for fans and their love and support. It’s nice to know that these fans really don’t want the show to go off air, and have appealed to us. But I guess most of them think that it’s the production house’s decision, rarely they know it is always the channel’s decision to call off the show. And of course, a petition filed gives you a high that there are people who love the show and care about it because when a channel pulls it off they say it is not being liked. It’s a reality check that people do watch the show and like it. They have mentioned the right points that it is a progressive show, talks about widow remarriage in good light. So let’s hope that like other channels they too listen and may decide to change the time slot or plan a second season.”

Lead actor Abhishek Malik shares:

“It is really nice to see that fans were appreciating our efforts and loved the show, and people will see it themselves. I am glad that someone has taken an effort for us and that matters the most, whether or not it helps in making the show stay, but I have read all the comments and it just made me happy that so many people loved our show. I am hoping that the channel realizes and understands that the show was actually doing well, the ratings were picking up and we get a new time slot and can continue with the show.”

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