Nigaar Khan Made A Huge Mistake By Agreeing To Participate In Bigg Boss 8

bigg boss-49Nigaar Khan, the latest wild card entry on the controversial reality show Bigg Boss, was voted out this week. Now this did not come to us as a shocker because Nigaar Khan in the first place should not have agreed to enter Bigg Boss 8.

Well the reasons are very simple, Nigaar Khan is too genuine, she is a very secure girl and lastly she came with a huge baggage of Gauahar Khan.

The fake and insecure contestants found Nigaar a huge threat from the word go as they presumed that she would have been totally trained by her sister and she is out here to win.

Well according to me this though is so below the belt but then what can one expect from this year’s house mates as they are beyond any comprehension.

Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Nigaar had stated that she would work on bringing the house mates together and will try to make the show entertaining.

“I thought I’ll be able to bring some positive energy to the house, but the people suspected my intentions, judged me and I was unable to overcome their negativity. I’m glad that I am out of the house and away from all the negativity that is in there.” stated Nigaar Khan post her eviction.

As any genuine contestant, Nigaar too found Gautam Gulati and Puneet Issar totally negative.

“Puneet Issar wanted to command respect but ended up demanding respect. Considering his behaviour towards me, I can’t respect him at all. He doesn’t deserve it. He is negative force. He brings out the worst in everyone. When I was leaving the show, I was shown footage where he was bad mouthing me. Since Salman and Puneet are friends, Salman must have shocked Puneet Issar by standing up for me and reprimanding Puneet.” stated a visibly angry Nigaar.

For Nigaar, Puneet is double faced man. “You should be man enough to say what you have to in front of me. In fact, one of the things that went against me was my honestly. I was determined to stay true to myself. So what if I had to pay a price for it? Puneet keeps saying ‘God Bless’ to everyone when he actually means, go to hell.

On the flipside, Nigaar found Upen Patel and Arya Babbar to be the most genuine on the show.

“I am not sure if I will meet them again or be friends with them. But both Upen and Aarya are lovely human beings. They know how to talk to women, without any ulterior motives. They didn’t judge me. If it was a game of good human beings, I wish Upen won the game. But I guess Karishma has a greater chance of winning. She is strong headed and has stood against Puneet. It takes a lot to stand against that man” she said.

Asked if there was anyone whom Nigaar does not want to see win and without even wasting a second she states that the names of Puneet Issar or Gautam Gulati.

For Nigaar Khan the entire experience of being in the Bigg Boss 8 house was nothing less than a nightmare.

“It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I’m so glad to be out of there. Every moment in there was a living nightmare. All the contestants seem to be in there to wallow in muck. It is said that a lotus blossoms in muck. But sorry, I’d rather not be in that situation. God has other far healthier plans for me.”

All said and done, we love you Nigaar and would like to wish you all the best.


Summary: Nigaar Khan, the latest wild card entry on the controversial reality show Bigg Boss, was voted out this week, something that was expected.
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