MTV’s Date To Remember Takes An Aggressive Track

MTV’s Date To Remember Takes An Aggressive Track

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MTV’s popular show ‘Date To Remember’ is getting high on aggression with fights between the current and ex-lovers increasing and intensifying day by day.

Episode 5 is all set to go on air tomorrow, and it will see a fight between Afreen Rahat & Pratibha Phogat for Aqib Shabir. The fight also continued in front of the captain Manu Punjabi & host Nitibha Kaul. Afreen alleged that she was not getting as much importance as compared to ex-girlfriend Pratibha.

Captain of the show Manu Punjabi said:

“This was supposed to happen sooner or later. The fights have increased and we are not surprised about it in today’s world of fickle relationships. The show is a test of love, and true love has to face obstacles. The obstacles coming in the form of past lovers is what the show is about.”

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