Meena Mir: From I Am Kalam To Service Wali Bahu

meena mir-01She is a dreamer with big dreams, she is someone who commands authority and she is someone who have hardly got her due; well, we are talking about Meena Mir, who, according to me is a power of talent.

Her journey to stardom began with Afsar Bitiya, on Zee TV, where she essayed the role of Saraswati. The length of the role was not that much, but Meean left a huge impression in the minds of the audiences with her powerful performance.

It was during this time that she was selected to essay the role of Saraswati Vidyapati Raj, Chhotu / Kalam’s (Harsh Mayar) mother in the critically acclaimed film I Am Kalam.

The film was premiered at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival and was showcased in various film festivals.

In I Am Kalam, Meera had a couple of scenes, but she left a lasting impression on everyone with her towering performance, which was appreciated by both the critics as well as the moviegoers.

For Meena it’s very important to give it her all in whatever she does and that’s what this talented lady has been doing.

She has just rapped up a film titled A Daughter’s Dream, which is a story of a seven year old girl from a very poor family who wants to pursue her dream but is opposed by her family and society as she is a girl.

On the personal front, she is one girl who is a homebody. She believes the one needs to keep both work space and professional space completely apart and that’s the reason one does not see her talk much about her personal life.

Currently Meena is back on Zee TV with Service Wali Bahu, where is is essaying the role of Indu Rai.

A strong woman knows how to keep her life in line, with tears in her eyes she can still manage to say, all is well and that’s how I would like to sum up Meera Mir.

She is someone with loads of strength, self respect and pride.

Here’s wishing her lots of success in the years to come!!


Summary: Meena Mir stared her career with Afsar Bitiya on Zee TV and went on to be a part of the cult film I Am Kalam.
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