Mandana Finally Apologizes To Priya In Bigg Boss

Mandana Finally Apologizes To Priya In Bigg Boss

In last night’s episode we saw the house wake up to the track Kill Dill. Captain Suyyash sat everyone together and discussed how the house work will be assigned and what punishment will apply for what offence.

Later in the day, we saw Suyyash, Kishwer, Rochelle, Keith, Priya, and Mandana discuss about the growing bond between Prince and Nora. Amidst all this, Mandana apologized to Priya for her misbehavior in the past few days. Priya forgave her as she found Mandana’s apology to be genuine.

By the end of the day, Priya, Rochelle, and Kishwer went to the double trouble room and saved themselves from nomination by pressing the buzzers, while all the other members of the house were nominated.

The highlight of yesterday’s episode was when Nora kissed Prince and got all romantic with him. Today, the housemates will raise upset Nora by pin pointing her body language with Prince, and Nora will lash out on every one. 

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