Kishwer Or Rishabh, Whose Act Was More Disgraceful In Bigg Boss?

Kishwer Or Rishabh, Whose Act Was More Disgraceful In Bigg Boss?

So Bigg Boss turned the house into a seven star hotel yesterday for the luxury budget task. All the housemates except Rishabh and Mandana, who were hotel guests, had to play the hotel staff. Sargun Mehta Dubey also entered hotel BB as a guest in the later part of the day.

The task took off with a lot of masti and masala. Rishabh and Mandana were given the secret task to make at least two of the hotel staff quit the task. While Rishabh, Mandan and Sargun made strategies and entertained the audience, the hotel staff was agitated and annoyed by their tantrums.

The trio decided to make Digangana, who is a vegetarian, cook chicken for them and they also planned to target Suyyash and Kishwer’s egos. It was beyond belief when the spiteful Kishwer started spitting in Rishabh’s juice and water. She crossed a line right then. However, later Rishabh played ‘Go Fetch’ where initially Suyyash and later Kishwer had to walk on four limbs and fetch a bone like a dog. Suyyash broke down when he saw Kishwer being treated that way and the housemates consoled him and told him that it was a task.

At the end of the day, Bigg Boss asked Sargun if she was impressed with the hotel and if she would want to remove a star. She explained her experience and based on the performances of the staff she removed one star from the hotel’s board.

Who according to you was more disgraceful in this task – Kishwer for spitting or Rishabh for treating her like a dog? Leave a comment below.

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