Kishwer Gets Kicked By Mandana In Bigg Boss

Kishwer Gets Kicked By Mandana In Bigg Boss

As promised, day two of the luxury budget task was way nastier than day one. Team A was all geared up to give team B a taste of their own medicine. Before the task began Bigg Boss had warned all the contestants that no sort of liquid should be used during this task as that can spoil the microphones.

The task began and it was team B’s turn to sit on the Rickshaw with Aman pedaling it. Prince, Suyyash and Kishwer used trash, boiled potatoes, hair sprays and many other things to make the team B members quit the task. The problem began when Kishwer and Prince poured a bowl of cold water over Mandana. As instructed, no one was supposed to use any liquid, and it was every individual’s responsibility to protect their microphones. Kishwer by mistake pulled Mandana’s mic to protect it from getting wet and that in turn ended up strangling Mandana. In reflex, Mandana kicked Kishwer on her ribs.

Hell broke loose ever since, and Kishwer demanded Bigg Boss to eliminate Mandana or send her home. After a heated argument with Bigg Boss, Kishwer stormed out of the confession room, feeling dejected and victimized.

The task was called off mid-way and everyone’s spirits were dampened by the end of the day. Watch tonight’s episode for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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