Kishwer Becomes The New Captain Of The Bigg Boss House

Kishwer Becomes The New Captain Of The Bigg Boss House

The 11th episode of Bigg Boss Double Trouble was quite eventful. In the last episode, in the laborious luxury budget task, Aman Verma and Kishwer Merchant were declared winners and they were freed from their double trouble shackles. In this episode Bigg Boss asked the losing team to unanimously give one pair’s name who they feel were responsible for their defeat. The housemates could not come to a decision and Yuvika and Vikas were called into the confession room. We saw a furious side to Bigg Boss as he gave them a piece of his mind as none of the housemates were getting the game. He gave them 5 minutes to decide on the names.

As per majority, Keith and Mandana’s names were given. This resulted in Keith and Mandana being nominated for next week’s elimination. Rochelle, Keith’s girlfriend, lashed out on the hosuemates in an attempt to defend her beau.

Later in the day supporters of Aman and Kishwer competed in a game of tug of war. Kishwer’s team won two rounds of the game and she was declared the new captain of the house.

By the end of the day, Mandana started crying as she felt targeted and was missing home. Roopal requested Bigg Boss for a change of partners. Today, the contestants will be introduced to a new area of the Bigg Boss house, the double trouble room! A lot of exciting twists and turns to reveal soon.

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