Kavita Kaushik Offended By Karan Wahi And Bharti Singh’s Comments

Kavita Kaushik Offended By Karan Wahi And Bharti Singh’s Comments

The finale episode of dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa was shot recently, where Faisal Khan won the title and Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt promoted their upcoming flick Shaandaar. Apart from this there were a lot other entertaining elements in the show. For instance, Bharti Singh, Krushna Abhishek and actor Karan Wahi from Comedy Nights Bachao, held an interactive roast session. As we know, their show follows a roast format wherein they call in celebrities and bombard brutal yet hilarious comments at them.

The trio, on the Jhalak finale, happened to crack a few jokes on ex contestant Kavita Kaushik and her show FIR that airs on SAB TV. The actress was offended by their nasty comments and she picked up the mike to give them back. However, the production team turned her mike off at that very moment. At this, Kavita was furious and she stormed out of the place.

The actress gave an elaborate explanation to a reporter later about this incident. She said, “Yes it’s true, I am totally against shows like The Roast where national personalities are insulted with cheap comments, people do it but I don’t have any such majboori nor am I comfortable projecting myself in a shallow manner to create content or money. I had signed Jhalak and not Bachao, without my permission or a brief some random people threw a volley of insults at me and when I tried to retaliate they cut power off my mike. The country law also doesn’t allow curbing someone’s freedom of speech especially while protecting one’s dignity. I did not go to a vulgar space and it’s demeaning that my space is encroached upon in a dance based show that I was only clapping and attending to support the finalists and cheer for the winner. Once they cut my mike off I was sitting helplessly while the so-called comedians had a field day cracking insensitive and undignified lines on me and I had to eventually get up and leave as I felt humiliated and could not take it anymore. It’s very, very sad that this was done to someone like me who has never crossed a line or insulted anyone in my 9 years of doing comedy even as playing a cop I have not insulted a woman’s dignity on my show ever. I will henceforth protect myself and never do a reality show ever, this was a lesson learnt. How can someone do something to you on national TV without your consent? It’s not only unprofessional it’s undignified and inhuman. Every actor does not come with a price tag on his integrity and soul.”

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