Kashmira Irani: Your Only Limit Is You

kashmira irani-02She is fun, she is talented and she smiles through her eyes; well, we are talking about Kashmira Irani who is currently seen in Manmarziyan on Star Plus.

Karishma is one girl who has never followed rules. Her romance with the camera began in the year 2007 with the show Amber Dhara on Sony Entertainment Television.

Post this one saw her in shows like Left Right Left Season 2 (2008) and Seven (2010) and then she vanished only to re-appear as Samaira Khanna in Manmarziyan (2015).

During her so called five year disappearing act, Kashmira was busy essaying the role of Princess Sonali in a play called Zangoora: The Gypsy Prince along with Hussain Kuwajerwala.kashmira irani-01She is one girl who is very earnest and sincere towards her craft.

Also, what’s striking about Kashmira is the fact that she can look both the girl next door and a girl who has a mind of her own at the same time. A rare combination to find.

Kashmira Irani, has always followed her heart and done when she feels right and that’s the reason she is what is is today – free spirited, full of life and a terrific performer.

People may often find her very bohemian and snooty, but then that’s their problem because deep down, she is someone who cares for the people she loves and would go all out to stand up for her loved ones.

Honour is the best gift that anyone can gift himself or herself. You can be as good as anyone that has ever lived. If you can read, you can learn everything that anyone has ever learned. All you need to do is to want it and for me, Kashmira Irani is one girl who is willing to stick her neck out, go through the grind and do whatever it takes to achieve what she has set out to.

Here’s wishing this talented actor all the best and we do hope to see her doing a lot more exciting things in the future.

Way to go girl.

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