The Real Story Behind Kapil Sharma’s Not-So-Good Behaviour Revealed

The Real Story Behind Kapil Sharma’s Not-So-Good Behaviour Revealed


Kapil Sharma, the comedian, who has an entire show after him – ‘The Comedy Night With Kapil’ needs no introduction today. Kapil’s airport tamasha is doing rounds of the internet since a long time, and this 35-year-old actor has also apologized his co-actor, Sunil Grover, on social media for his absurd behaviour. Well, is that all? After whatever happened on the flight, in front of the entire world, does this apology really count? Or was this just for the sake of SOME MORE LIMELIGHT?

ICYMI – Kapil Sharma and his entire crew were doing a show in Australia, while returning to Mumbai, Kapil misbehaved with Sunil Grover, one of his co-actors (the famous Gutthi). Apparently, Kapil was a few drinks down (actually, an entire bottle of Glendfiddich whisky) and started abusing the hell out of everyone. So your next question will be, why! The reason for Kapil’s outrageous behaviour was, his team-mates started eating without him, and an aggrevated Kapil threw his shoe on Sunil. YES! Firstly, how can anyone even create a rucus out of such a petty issue and secondly, who behaves so miserably with their co-workers?

This wasn’t enough, the source further added:

“He also pulled Sunil’s collar, and repeatedly slapped him.”

Apparently, Kapil said:

“Tum logon ko maine banaya hai. Sabka career khatam kar dunga. Tum TV waale kya samajhte ho? Sabko nikaal dunga main.”

To Sunil, he kept on saying:

“Gaya tha na tu toh. Aaya na waapas mere hi paas.”

Well, that’s enough! Someone needs to really slow down…

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