It’s Pay Back Time At Bigg Boss 11 House!

It’s Pay Back Time At Bigg Boss 11 House!

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The tables have turned in Bigg Boss and roles have been interchanged on the second day of the luxury budget task. Today, Puneesh, Bandagi, Hiten, and Shilpa become little dwarfs and are given the task of torturing the giants Hina, Luv, Akash, and Arshi. Lovebirds Puneesh and Bandagi are all set to take their revenge after all the torture they had to endure on the first day of the task.

Hiten, who is often silent, finally loses his cool when he notices Luv hiding all the trimmers. Vikas, Puneesh, and Bandagi stand strong by Hiten’s side as he lashes out at Luv for touching his personal belongings without his consent.

Today’s element of surprise will be brought in by Akash Dadlani, who with sheer willpower gets through the task successfully. His motive for being the best performer and next captain keeps him going through all the torment bestowed upon him.

Luv, on the other hand, is also very ruthlessly bullied by the dwarfs. Karma comes back to him as he has to sacrifice his beloved hair for messing with Puneesh’s hair. Puneesh keeps using the trimmer till Luv is more than half bald! Also as Luv tries to protect his hair, Bandagi uses waxing strips and makes sure that not even a single strand of hair is visible on Luv’s body.

It is time now for Khiladi Hina to show off her determination and strength but Bandagi has set her eyes on a bigger prize! In a move to avenge the chili powder move, Bandagi decides to chop off Hina’s precious locks. But there is a lot that is yet to be done in this task.

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