It’s Ladaai Time For The Close Friends In BB10 House

It’s Ladaai Time For The Close Friends In BB10 House


Mona and Manu start the New Year’s first morning with an argument after he gets upset with her for waking him up in the middle of the night just to have a frivolous conversation. Mona takes Manu’s comments to heart and gets disturbed about it. Looking at her dejected face, he tries to have a chat with her when she tells him that she did not wish to disturb or bother him in any way and her actions were completely unintentional. Manu finally apologizes to her which brings a smile on her face.

Lopa appears visibly disturbed after having an argument with Rohan the previous day and is seen speaking to Bani about it. Lopa tells Bani that it was completely immature of Rohan to have assumed that she was adding fuel to fire after Nitibha and his fight. Lopa adds that she was just trying to neutralize the situation but Rohan took it otherwise.

In a similar conversation, Rohan tells Bani that Lopa always wants to prove her point and thinks that she is more mature than he is when it comes to taking decisions. Bani advises both of them to talk it out and resolve all issues. But when Rohan and Lopa try to sort things out, their conflicting thoughts lead to another argument and Lopa aggressively throws Rohan’s belongings in the luggage room and walks out.

When will these two mend their differences, we wonder!

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