It Was All Skeletons And A Broken Leg In Bigg Boss

It Was All Skeletons And A Broken Leg In Bigg Boss

Last episode of Bigg Boss 9 was undoubtedly the most chaotic and nail biting episode of the season. We saw the second day of the luxury budget task and it was completely entertaining and filled with OMG moments!

The house was divided into two teams – Ghost team and Human team. On the first day, the ghost team had to annoy the humans in order to get maximum reactions out of them. Sanchalak Keith had to supervise the task and note down points. The next day the humans had to bring down 4 skeletons hanging on a tree in the garden area and throw it in the swimming pool, while the ghosts tried to protect the skeletons. Only if the human team successfully immerses 4 skeletons in the pool can they win the task.

There was a lot of snatching and pulling throughout the task yesterday. However, the human team lost the task due to one thigh bone that was missing from their 4th skeleton. Giselle Thakral ended up twisting her own knee while performing the task, and she takes credit for the ghost team winning the task. On hearing this Kishwer and other housemates get offended and burst out on Giselle.

Watch Bigg Boss tonight to see how Mandana taunts Prince for flirting with wild card entry Nora Fatehi. And some Oh la la scenes await too! 😉

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