Is Priya Malik Constantly Targeted In The Bigg Boss House?

Is Priya Malik Constantly Targeted In The Bigg Boss House?

Wild card entry Priya Malik has turned the Bigg Boss house upside down with her straightforward comments, bold approach and never-say-die attitude. The housemates are somewhat scared that Priya will get ahead in the competition; possibly that’s why the housemates constantly pick on her.

For instance, in last night’s episode Priya was made the sanchalak by Bigg Boss and she played her part being fair with everyone. The task involved each contestant to hold a rope hung in the garden area that was tied to a bag full of money. This was a chance for the housemates to earn the 20 lakhs that they had lost due to their own stupidity in the Nilami task. Each player had to hold on to the rope for maximum 24 hours, and whoever leaves the rope irrespective of any reason, will be out of the game.

Priya had to keep an eye on everyone and notify if anyone leaves the rope. She caught Rishabh when he left the rope for a second and held it again. She insisted Rishabh to quit the game as it was against the rules. However, Rishabh did not listen to Priya and the whole house started blaming Priya for being unfair. Rochelle too picked up a fight with Priya when the jallaad entered the house to cut everyone’s rope short (in order to make the task more difficult). Rochelle felt that it was unfair that Bigg Boss was cutting her rope that short, while Priya supported Bigg Boss’ decision. This started a huge argument between the two contestants, which was totally avoidable.

Looks like the housemates are targeting Priya on purpose to make her weak.

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