Housemates Make Bani And Gaurav Spill The Beans During Task

Housemates Make Bani And Gaurav Spill The Beans During Task


It’s Swami Om’s birthday, and the housemates wake up to the song ‘Om Shanti Om’ for the same reason. Soon after, Bigg Boss gives the housemates a golden opportunity to win back their luxury budget by being a part of a new task – Bani and Gaurav’s show. According to the task, a volley of hard-hitting questions will be thrown at Bani and Gaurav while they are in the confession room. The duo has to give honest and satisfactory answers to each of the questions. While Gaurav and Bani are told that the questions will be coming from the live audience, they don’t know that it is the housemates who will be asking them all the questions as a part of a secret task assigned to them! If Bani and Gaurav fail to give befitting replies, the contestants will lose out on the luxury budget for the third consecutive week.

Seizing the opportunity, the housemates begin to come up with questions that will probably leave Bani and Gaurav tongue-tied. Manveer takes the lead and asks Bani and Gaurav to cite a reason for completely avoiding Lopa and Priyanka’s fight and silently supporting Priyanka. To this, Bani replies that initially, she was completely unaware how the fight erupted and what was the real reason behind their fight. And hence, she decided to stay away from the conflict. Bani also adds that Priyanka never made any hurtful comments about her or her family unlike Swami Om and hence she was always cordial with her. Gaurav says that he did not wish to malign my image or touch a new low by getting involved in someone else’s issue. Lopa and other housemates who are watching them live through Jio TV slam Bani and Gaurav for giving diplomatic answers.

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