Hina Khan To Get Imprisoned For Bigg Boss Rocket Task?

Hina Khan To Get Imprisoned For Bigg Boss Rocket Task?


As the ‘Gharwale’ have boarded the Bigg Boss rocket, they are all set to survive space. It will be captivating to witness how long the contestants will stay inside the rocket to protect their prize money in Bigg Boss 11. But at this point of the game, captaincy is more important for some contestants as they don’t mind money getting deducted from their winning prize; they just want to get out of the rocket and nominate themselves for captaincy.

Dressed as astronauts, the contestants place themselves inside the rocket but after spending some time together – they couldn’t help but pass comments and start taunting each other. Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma continued to call rapper Akash Dadlani a darpok while Akash and Puneesh Sharma called Priyank and Luv Hina’s doggies. Bandgi Kalra put cheap blames on Priyank and hence Puneesh and Priyank again indulged in war of words.

In the task, the gharwale had to be seated in an artificial space craft built in the garden area till instructed. A siren would go off at regular intervals and contestants could choose to leave the rocket if they want. But, as always, there was twist. Before the task began, envelops with each with contestants’ names were kept on a table in the garden area.

Each envelope had an amount assigned to the concerned contestant. The contestant, who disembarked the rocket had to open his envelope to find out how much is actually being deducted from the total prize money of Rs. 50,000 lakhs. Puneesh Sharma, the captain of the house, was in charge of ‘Mission Bigg Boss 11.’

Team Hina and Team Arshi Khan decided to insult each other even in the task. The sanchalak of the house, Puneesh was distracted by Bandgi and was seen getting intimate with her. He left the garden area in the middle of the task to spend some quality time alone with Bandgi. Hina, Benafsha Soonawalla, who were still in the task, cheated and used the washroom by getting off the rocket. Vikas Gupta peed in a packet as he could not get off the rocket while Priyank, Sapna Choudhary and Luv managed to sneak their way to the washroom secretly without Puneesh’s knowledge.

Bigg Boss had stopped the task and told that what they did was cheating and wrong, hence their luxury budget would be zero againa and the prize money also turns up to be zero. As the task comes to an end, Hina breaks down and blames herself for losing the task.

Three worst performers from the task will get imprisoned. Any guesses who could that be?

Also, Sabyasachi, Bandagi and Akash have been nominated for captaincy next. Whom do you want to see turn the leader in the Bigg Boss house next? Tell us everything in the comments below.

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