Gharwale take drastic measures to protect their golden egg in Bigg Boss Poultry farm

Gharwale take drastic measures to protect their golden egg in Bigg Boss Poultry farm

Contestants performing the luxury budget task in Bigg Boss 11

This week’s nominations have taken all the ‘gharwalas’ by surprise. With just 8 of them in the house, they will think twice before discussing nominations or any sort of planning and plotting.

After coming this far in the game, captaincy has become an integral part of every contestant’s game plan. The contestants are going to fight harder than ever before to obtain the power of captaincy. Adding a touch of drama, Bigg Boss reveals that 4 contestants will have to sacrifice their chance to complete in the week’s luxury budget task.

Everyone is familiar with the fable of the chicken who laid golden eggs. Today the gharwale have to battle it out and save their eggs in order to remain in the race for Captaincy. The chicken will keep hatching golden eggs at regular intervals with a picture of a contestant inscribed on it. The contestant whose picture is inscribed on the golden egg has to protect that egg from other contestants and convince them not to plunge their egg in the swimming pool. The contestant whose golden egg ends up in the swimming pool is out of the race for captaincy.

As the golden egg is a symbol of their contender ship for captaincy, the ‘gharwale’ will engage in all sorts of planning and plotting and come up with strategies to protect their eggs. Puneesh is taken aback as Akash Dadlani shows great agility and destroys Puneesh’s hopes of becoming a captain. On the other hand, Vikas Gupta very smartly gets hold of Hina’s golden egg and refuses to return it to her. Hina’s two pillars of strength on the show Luv and Priyank come to her rescue and help her retain her golden egg.

Begum Arshi Khan’s plan will backfire as she faces betrayal from Priyank and Luv who have promised to protect her egg. She lashes out at Luv and Priyank saying that they should be ashamed of themselves for not sticking by their own words and play to someone else’s tunes.

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