Gaurav Khanna: He Could Not Predict The Future, So Created It!!

gaurav khanna-01He is talented, he is good looking and he is a survivor; well, we are talking about Gaurav Khanna, who is one of the most consistent actors we have on television today.

Gaurav Khanna’s romance with the camera started way back in the year 2004 with Siddhant. Though he has a very small role in the show, but then everyone took notice of this talented actor.

What followed where shows like Bhabhi (Star Plus), Kumkum (Star Plus), Meri Doli Tere Angana (Zee TV), Jeevan Saathi (Colors), Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam (Colors), Dil Se Diya Vachan (Zee TV) and many more.

However, what’s surprising is the fact that he is still remembered as Sharman Wadhwa, the character that he essayed in Kumkum, which surfaced post the generation leap of the show.

Gaurav may have not been a part of hugely successful shows, but what’s commendable is that fact that he has been a very consistent and diligent performer.

From quitting his job as a marketing manager to becoming an actor, Gaurav Khanna has come a long way.

At times he has been pinned down for the failure of his show, but then that has never bogged him down, nor has it damped his determination to strive for more.

A career more than a decade old, has seen lots of up’s and down’s. For Gaurav it’s more important to be working, rather than waiting for that one right break.

He has always tried to give his roles a little bit of himself and that’s what makes him one of the most sincere actors that I have seen on television.

Yes, one does make mistakes, but then we are all humans. Also to accept your mistakes, learn from them and move in his a venture, something that I feel Gaurav has in abundance.

Motivation is what got him started, habit was what kept him going and that’s what Gaurav is all about.

Here’s wishing him loads of success and a great future ahead.


Summary: Gaurav Khanna is one of the most consistant actors we have on television today.
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