Gaurav Chopra And Bani’s Friendship Gets A Red Flag?

Gaurav Chopra And Bani’s Friendship Gets A Red Flag?

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss, Bani gets upset with Gaurav as he refuses to pay her the amount that she asks for, even walking away when he tries to explain himself. Noticing their fight, Priyanka tells Gaurav to pay a fine for making her driver, Bani, cry. When Gaurav tells Priyanka to call Bani to resolve the matter, she lashes out at him saying that he is not the King of the house and cannot play with people’s emotions. But Bani rakes in the sympathy from everyone. Exasperated with Priyanka’s nagging, Bani walks away from the task.

Later in the day, Manveer and Gaurav try to decipher Bani’s behaviour. Gaurav confesses that he often ends up in trouble because of she expects a lot from their friendship. Hearing this, Mona advises Gaurav to talk to Bani. But, this only results in another argument because Gaurav doesn’t give her notes of 20 points each. Quite furious with Bani’s behaviour, Gaurav walks away in a huff after giving her all his points.

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Will Bani and Gaurav’s friendship come to an end? Will they resolve the matter? Don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10:20 PM on COLORS.


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