Forget Your PC, Now Enjoy Some Interesting Short Films On Your TV

Forget Your PC, Now Enjoy Some Interesting Short Films On Your TV

We love watching movies. Period. While we can watch all sorts of feature films on the big screen as well as the small screen, we don’t get to watch short films on either of them; we need to have a PC to watch a short film on YouTube.

Well, short films were never an area of interest for the aamjanta. It was only meant to give out some social messages. However, since the past few years, short films are not just made for social purposes, but also to entertain. Short films like Ahalya, Going Home, Men’s World, etc, have grabbed the attention of people irrespective of their age and gender.

Like we mentioned above, to watch these short films,you need a PC with internet connection. But, now it’s time to enjoy some interesting short films on your TV sets.

Yes, you read it right. Zee Talkies has come up with Talkies Lighthouse which will feature language agnostic short films. The first episode of Talkies Lighthouse will be aired on 10th Jan. This is for the first time that we will get to see short films on the small screen,that too, on a regional channel.

Talking about the concept, Business Head of Zee Talkies, Bavesh Janavlekar, said, “The output of Marathi films has accelerated in the last 2-3 years. We believe that there is a lot of talent which is unexposed due to lack of opportunities. Until now, we were only focussing on films and film-related events, and this is the first time we are exploring an innovative approach to launch short films in a show wrapped around entertainment. Having said that, since we are a movie channel and also the No.1 reach channel in Maharashtra, we intend to maximise accessibility and educate the audiences of this format of storytelling.”

So, get ready to watch some interesting short films on your TV sets this Sunday onwards.

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