Ekta Kaul Upset About Being Called Unprofessional

Ekta Kaul Upset About Being Called Unprofessional

The Mere Angne Mein actress Ekta Kaul was missing from sets during the shoot of a major twist in the plot. This created a lot of buzz saying that the actress was unprofessional. On learning this, Ekta was furious as she was off the sets due to her ankle injury.

“Ekta took couple of day leaves to not strain her badly injured foot. But she started shooting, as soon as the doctors put the plaster on her leg. Also, it is impossible for anyone to predict and forecast an accident, which will require him/her to take an off from work,” a source close to the show revealed.

All Ekta had to say about this was, “It is sad that the media is misusing the power just to fill the space.”

We wish the pretty actress a speedy recovery.



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