Dimpy Mahajan Turns The Bigg Boss 8 House Upside Down

bigg boss-42From the time Dimpy Mahajan has walked into the Bigg Boss 8 house, fights, misunderstandings and betrayal has been the in thing with most of the house mates.

Contestant Dimpy Mahajan who is nursing a wounded heart, following a fallout with her husband Rahul Mahajan finally got the opportunity to break into the trio and she managed it quite successfully.

It all started with the luxury budget task, which required the contestants to pose as butlers and serve the wild card entrants (Renee Dhyani, Dimpy Mahajan and Nigaar Khan), served as a test of friendship.

The inseparable group of Gautam Gulati, Pritam Singh, Praneet Bhatt and Puneet Issar cracked under pressure. In an effort to be the next house captain, Gautam Gulati stole money from the opponent’s team as part of the challenge and ended up having a huge argument with his friends Pritam and Praneet.

Pritam and Praneet lashed out at Gautam asking him to prove his worth as captain. Meanwhile, our VJ Andy of Bigg Boss 8, Puneet Issar gave his shoulder to Gautam and listened to his sad story.

During the task, Dimpy also had a huge verbal spat with Renee Dhyani which could have turned ugly had Nigaar Khan not intervened in.

Now post all this, Dimpy was also seen opening up to co-contestant Nigaar Khan about her divorce. Getting sometime alone and away from others, Dimpy told Nigaar about how it is a sad feeling to remember her birthday now as she shares her birthday with her soon to be ex-husband Rahul Mahajan.

Dimpy went on to tell Nigaar that she has memories from that day which now are sad to think about. Wow looks like Dimpy Mahajan is playing her cards very well. On one side she has Gautam and on the other has stated to develop an emotional bond with Nigaar. We must say, Dimpy is here with a plan!!

Is this her strategy to stay in the game or is there something genuine about Dimpy Mahajan; we shall have to wait and watch.

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