Diandra Soares: The Shilpa Saklani Of Bigg Boss 8

bigg boss-24She yells like a banshee, she fights like a banshee and she is as erratic as Shilpa Saklani; well we are talking about Diandra Soares who is the most unpredictable house mate of Bigg Boss 8.

With every task, one is getting to see a different side of Diandra Soares. First she was close to Gautam Gulati, then she was upset with Karishma Tanna and then had issues with Puneet Issar.

During the Superheroes v/s Supervillains task, Bigg Boss announced that the winners of the first leg of the task who were Superheroes had to defend it’s flag which has been hoisted in the garden area, while the other team was required to take down and put their own flag in it’s place.

Things took a ugly turn as Diandra and Sonali got into a tiff that got out of hand, at which point Bigg Boss was forced to intervene and disqualify the second leg of the task on a whole!

However, it did not end here as our very own banshee Diandra Soares went on and on and the end result was she was punished by Bigg Boss. Thank God for that.

Diandra Soares has always been very unpredictable and done things her way. She still continues to talk in english, looks hideous and scary with her outrageous hairdo’s and let’s not talk about what she wears.

Diandra is very judgemental and loves to react post a decission is taken. She never takes any initiative but loves to just start an argument and then just move on. Oops!!

Once a supermodel, Diandra Soares has no class, has not come out in the open and has never tried to show her real self in the Bigg Boss house.

We are very sure that Salman Khan will finally take her to task and drill some sense in her so that she starts to behave in a manner that is more human and palatable.

Salman Khan please help!!

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