Birthday Special: Ekta Kapoor Serials Were Ahead Of their Time And Here’s The Proof

Birthday Special: Ekta Kapoor Serials Were Ahead Of their Time And Here’s The Proof

Ekta Kapoor

Be it domestic violence, premarital sex, polygamy or infidelity, social issues played important roles in Ekta Kapoor‘s TV shows, and she handled it all with care. After the family dramas and romance saga, the producer recently introduced the supernatural trend, that managed to shake the world of soaps.

No matter how much we make fun of her shows, mostly about the fact that women sleeping with the make-up on and well-dressed; we just can’t overlook the fact that most of Ekta Kapoor shows were women-centric and ahead of its time. Here’s a list of 8 Ekta Kapoor shows which definitely became a rage but also came up with a huge message to fight at least one-social evil when it came to women in our society. Check it out, right away:

1. Hum Paanch: It was the perfect sitcom, which was a rage in the 90’s! This show proved the fact that daughters are for life. It also showed a huge aspect that girls can be ambitious and have the choice to be anything they want to.

2. Kumkum: The one show which was much ahead of its time as it raised an issue of ‘widow remarriage’ by the in-laws which was still considered a taboo back then.

3. Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii: No matter how many people many people protested for this show to go off-air, but it was one of the most famous shows of its time, and came up with a huge message of women having a say in their and in-laws’ family and fighting back the evil.

4. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: Another show which was women-centric and proved that women are the driving force of the family. How apt!

5. Naagin: The most famous soap of recent times where the plot was based on women seeking revenge for the wrongs done by the family. The show proved that she is no more a damsel in distress, and still waiting for a knight in the shining armor to fight her wars.

6. Kartika: This was a very simple yet captivating story about a girl who had big dreams, and she did what she wanted in order to achieve them.

7. Yeh Hai Mohobbatien: Basic plotline of the show was a love story about a couple who don’t like each other too much but proved the fact that the women won’t be suppressed anymore, and she is powerful enough to stand on her own feet, which was well-played by Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya.

8. Bandini: This show came to fight a social evil that a woman should not be exchanged to get things in return, and this serial stands tall amidst the clutter of other social issues discussed by other soap operas.


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