Bigg Boss 9 Contestants Play Mind Games With Each Other

Bigg Boss 9 Contestants Play Mind Games With Each Other

So, Bigg Boss 9 is finally getting exciting for the audiences to watch. As per last night’s episode, Mandana got back into the house and the contestants pretended to not know about her staying in the secret room. Rochelle and Aman had a hard time masking their real feelings. Mandana too played her part and kept mum about everything that she saw in the secret room (which the contestants were already aware of).

Bigg Boss had asked the contestants to gossip about Mandana so that she hears their conversation and picks two names that she is the most upset with. When Bigg Boss tells Mandana to nominate two names for elimination, she nominates Rochelle and Prince. So, according to the task the two contestants mentioned by Mandana become safe for the week. Then the housemates explain Mandana the whole task, and Mandan expresses how disappointed she was in Rochelle, who though in the task, spoke ill behind Mandana’s back. Kishwer, Suyyash and Prince enjoyed watching the tension between Mandana and Rochelle.

It was a trap of mind games in the house last night. Watch tonight’s episode for some exciting twists and to welcome a new wild card entry.

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